Casa del Mar Hotel

Casa del Mar is located in the heart of the fisherman’s village Jambiani on the south east coast of Zanzibar which is well known for its 6km long white sand beaches, turquoise waters and the close relation between the very friendly locals and foreigners coming to visit or to live here.

As authentic as your experience in Jambiani will be, the 14 rooms of Casa del Mar are tastefully designed and equipped with original East African art and furniture created from eco-friendly and local materials.

Just on top of the beach and the Indian ocean, the hotel is welcoming you with a green and lush garden creating shade and nice views and the sand floor throughout the property is inviting you to leave the shoes in the room and walk around barefoot. The pool always gives a chance to cool down, wether it is high or low tide.

For many years, Casa del Mar has been known for being family friendly, for a relaxed atmosphere and great food served by our always smiling and helpful staff.