Mwezi – Philosophy


In your home on the beach, you will get to know the true luxury: view the sun or the moon rise above the ocean, fall asleep lulled by the sea breeze or by the sound of the waves, enjoy the intense fragrances and flavors, feel in paradise in the middle of nowhere, watched only by the stars.

The ecological and sustainable philosophy  which Mwezi Boutique Resort is based on, will grant you a relaxing holiday but with all the comforts you are used to, in direct contact with the beautiful African nature and the fascinating Swahili culture, with the precious awareness that nothing has been damaged.

According to our Think Green philosophy , all the houses are designed to utilize the natural ventilation of Zanzibar, which is guaranteed by the winds that blow throughout the year, so there is no need for air conditioning, because the ocean breeze is the best ventilation you could wish for: fresh, healthy and environmentally friendly.
Additionally, each house is equipped with ceiling fans.

The whole resort is illuminated by LED lamps with low consumption to promote energy savings.

All the walls are made with naturally colored lime, an eco-friendly material with a low environmental impact. We recover the water from the bathrooms to water the garden, and we have installed solar panels to produce hot water.

Self-reliance, as much as possible, is a attribute that is very important to us.