Qambani Luxury Resort

Qambani is set on the tip of a secluded peninsula, with a seasonal beach, on Zanzibar’s eastern shores. For a tropical island, Zanzibar is very accessible, and from Europe, you wont have to deal with jet-lag, as there’s only 2/3 hours time difference .

A direct eight-hour night flight delivers you direct from Europe to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Then there’s a 15-minute flight to Zanzibar. From the airport, the drive to Qambani is an hour and a half, across the island.

Qambani’s generous proportions provide seven bedroom villas, living spaces, two pools and lush tropical garden, a promise of complete relaxation and indulgence.

A fusion of ancient Swahili crafts – perfected in the palaces of the sultans along the East African shores – and modern coastal design, it gives shady sanctuary, while turning the inside out, so every space takes great gulps of the sea and the balmy tropical air.