Qambani – Philosophy

The first tale

Far far away on the isle of Zanzibar is a long finger of coral land that points into lapsis sea.

One day a family came from another side of the world and walked accross the tip of this land.

They loved it and made it their own. Then on the sand, they carved a picture of secret dwelling that should stand here to surpass their imaginings.

Then the tide took the drawing away.

But in time, the house became real and a tropical garden grew around it, with pools and sunbirds and the whispering wind.

And when it was done, they called it Qambani!


This is the first tale, but there are many more under the tropical skies of Qambani

There are the tale of the diviners and the carpenters, the artisans and the scribes.

Then there are tales of the coral cutters, the plasterers and the weavers, of the gardeners, the chefs and the housemaids.

And the butterfly keeper.

Qambani holds these tales like a book of dreams.

And who opens the book, the tales will be told and tales beyond imaginings will fly in the whispering wind