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Zanzibar Prokite

Kiteboarding Zanzibar’s South East Coast

The best kiting conditions can be found on Zanzibar’s South-East Coast, with Paje and Jambiani being the two main kiting areas. A reef about 1 – 2 km from the coast naturally creates super flat conditions during mid to low tides, making this a great spot for beginners to try their hand at kiting and experienced riders to hone their skills. For the more adventurous wave riders out there, make the reef your personal play ground, with no crowds and an abundance of clean, long-interval waves up to 2 metres in height.

At high tide or mid-tide, the lagoon of Jambiani offers perfect conditions for foil kiting or wing surfing, which are becoming increasingly popular in recent years.

There are two main seasons suitable for kiting:

Season 1: June to October – consistent stronger winds, typical wind speeds – 12 to 20 knots;

Season 2: December to March – typical wind speeds 10 to 20 knots,

The wind direction throughout both seasons provides ideal cross on-shore wind conditions.

With wind speeds ranging from 10 to 20 knots, typical kite sizes of 9m to 15m are appropriate.

Kiting on the South East Coast of Zanzibar

Jambiani is the less busy of the two main spots on the south-east coast, with less traffic on the beach and on the water. An excellent spot in general with its beautiful blue lagoons and sandbanks – the conditions at Jambiani can provide you with an unforgettable experience as you cruise the soft waves of the Indian Ocean. 

Aside from kiting and tourism, the charming fishermen’s village is also known for its seaweed culture, in which village women cultivate seaweed to make body creams and soaps. Everyone finds their place in the lagoon, respecting each other and sharing their love for the Indian Ocean: the kite surfers, the women who cultivate seaweed and the fishermen.

Zanzibar Kiteboarding South East Coast Spot Guide

Zanzibar Prokite

Zanzibar Prokite Jambiani
Zanzibar Prokite Jambiani

Zanzibar Prokite is a kite school in Jambiani that is located at Nur Beach Hotel. The kite school is open to all – guests staying at one of the group’s hotels as well as outside guests. Its central location in the village and proximity to the beach make it an excellent choice for accessing Jambiani’s beautiful beach and idyllic turquoise lagoons for kiting.

Zanzibar Prokite Jambiani

Zanzibar-ProKite school has been established in Zanzibar for years. It is run by two French sports teachers and IKO-certified kitesurfing instructors with years of experience in teaching both beginners and advanced levels.

The manager, also an experienced French kiteboarder, has been on the island for many years. He is well acquainted with the local conditions on the east coast, offering the best learning conditions to his students depending on the wind and tides.

The school offers a diversity of courses from beginner courses and coaching for the experienced, to kitefoil and wing courses. The school also has a boat which allows lessons to be given even at high tide, and for student to learn how to foil tow. Kitesurfing equipment is available for rental for the independent riders who do not wish to travel with their own gear.

If you are looking for a professional school, with certified and experienced instructors, where you will learn in the best conditions with quality and safe equipment in a relaxed atmosphere, Zanzibar-Prokite is the right choice!

Learn more about Zanzibar Prokite and kitesurfing in Zanzibar.

Zanzibar Prokite Jambiani
Zanzibar Prokite Jambiani