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MedExpress Hospital Paje

MedExpress Hospital

MedExpress Hospital is a brand new hospital located in the centre of Paje, and provides a range of medical services suitable for tourists and residents, accepting all international medical insurances.

As one of the best-equipped private hospitals in Zanzibar, and its perfect location on the South East Coast, the hospital is a much needed and welcomed service to provide quality medical services to guests staying at any one of the hotels of Our Zanzibar Group.

The hospital stocks a range of medical products, employs skilled pharmacists, highly qualified surgeons, practitioners and nurses. With a brand new facility complete with state of the art equipment, staff and rooms, they can provide medical care ranging from information and advice on prescription and non-prescription drugs to emergency care, elective operations and even care for critically ill patients in their intensive care unit. 

Hospital Equipment
MedExpress Hospital Treatment Room
Treatment Room
MedExpress Hospital Patient Room
Patient Room
MedExpress Hospital Patient Room
Treatment Room
Patient Room
MedExpress Radiology Room
Radiology Room
MedExpress Hospital Laboratory

The full range of services provided by MedExpress include:

  • Pharmacy
  • Radiology/Xrays
  • Clinic
  • Pediatrics (not for neonates)
  • Hotel Doctor
  • Laboratory
  • Multi Specialist Doctors
  • Emergency
  • Operations
  • Intensive Care

MedExpress Hospital Details: