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ZanRec Waste Management Partner


ZanRec is the No.1 waste and recycling company in Zanzibar, one of the few companies concerned with proper waste disposal on the island. Established in 2011, it provides a complete waste management solution for all types of daily waste – domestic, industrial and commercial – by ensuring waste is processed sustainably and recycled where possible.

Many hotels have signed up with ZanRec, already contributing towards a more sustainable form of tourism and development on the island. Unfortunately, not all hotels in Zanzibar work with ZanRec and many produce considerable amounts of waste but opt for traditional waste disposal methods, such as burning unsorted waste in remote areas or creating illegal dumpsites.

ZanRec is working towards more hotel and tourism businesses joining the journey and to collaborate with local partners to educate the local population. All hotels in the Our Zanzibar Hotel Group separate their waste on site and dispose of their waste with ZanRec.

The Loop Beach Resort has created an initiative, together with Live Life Always, to conduct regular beach and village clean ups. Furthermore, they have partnered with other Jambiani hotels, sponsoring waste disposal bags in the village and collaborating with ZanRec to collect and process the waste.

To find out more about ZanRec please visit their website. And when you come to enjoy your holiday on Zanzibar, please respect the environment of our paradise.